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Apex Legends is undoubtedly one of the most popular battle royal games for today being designed in an impressive way with realistic scenes and alive characters. It is available for free. If you want to get even more engrossing experiment, buy in-app purchases including optional cosmetic microtransactions.


At the very beginning, a group of people comes down in parachutes appearing in a hostile area where they all have to survive among enemies. The task is simple - to kill everybody on going. Here you will deal with 20 teams consisting of 3 persons who are ready to fight to each other to the last ditch. There is another mode known as Legends where eight unique characters being perfect fighters creates a team. Peculiar sets of abilities allow them to complement one another in battles to get an efficient result.

Do not think that this is a shooter only. The game is full of boxes, emotes, various achievements, weapon skins, seasons, and so many interesting tasks and possibilities. Follow the well-designed map to perform the challenges you have to and enjoy nice gunplay communicating with other players within a perfect system. Be ready that it is not easy to stay alive. You will decide whether it is better to risk or refuse it so that you could avoid mistakes leading to death. You will hardly get boring with this game due to its strong gameplay. Enjoy various seasons with new challenges and capabilities.


The game is really well-done. The design is polished entirely. Even if you play it on your mobile device, you will get satisfaction with the details and quality of pictures. There are settings allowing to improve visuals, adjust them to your preferences. You can widen a display to full screen, improve resolution just for your monitor and make a lot of other things to get the best playing experience ever. Flexible controls are another benefit allowing to re-map actions and change default settings if they do not suit you. And by the way, this game provides well-arranged non-verbal communication with help of intuitive contextual ping system/


You will definitely appreciate the smooth running of this game and stable performance. Play it on the go fighting with enemies and learn new gaming skills which will be needed with other games. Here you will get the same feeling you get when playing royal battle but with completely new levels of complicity and a lot of surprises. Ping system is one of that new development which will provide you with additional features.

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