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FOX Now is an application that provides you with diverse video content of high quality. You can count on news, sports, culture, movies - whatever. Download FOX Now and watch new episodes of various shows live and stream series including adult animation.


This application is a nice and convenient instrument to get access to stream full episodes of FOX shows on the go. All that you need is to have a mobile device with a stable Internet connection. You can watch content live and on-demand being sure that you will not miss any of your FOX favourites. Even the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 is available for you with this app. Be attentive and catch upcoming premiere episodes like MasterChef or others you want to be the first to view. Take advantages of FOX Now signing in if you have already an account of your TV provider. The app supports a lot of them. In our list, there are over 70 providers such as DirecTV, Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, Dish, and others. But if you do not have any account yet, you are able to get access to unlocked FOX shows meaning that you will enjoy the latest 5 episodes of new shows next day after they are in the air. This app includes advertisement as far as a developer cooperates with mobile or other advertising companies delivering ads exactly focused on your preferences and needs. There are choices allowing you to watch what you want. Though, it is not free but the prescription plans are very affordable and clear. And if you do not want to pay, you can watch particular shows in their first season next day after airing or in 8 days under certain conditions. Finally, this app can be connected across all of your devices including TV, tablet and Chromecast.


The app is well-done with nice graphics and user-friendly interface. It runs smoothly being responsive to a user’s commands. Simple menu and convenient settings allow you to enhance user’s experience and adjust the app to your preferences.


This is a perfect mobile application with a wide offer of shows and video content. It is constantly improved providing you with even better experience. The latest update was in May 2019. Watch your sports or shows in any place you are at the current moment without being restricted with TV set availability. Do not miss the most talked about streaming events and be the first to know the details of the first run of the show or episode. Mind that the content is for children aged over 12 years old. Parents control is recommended.

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