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Apex Legends Season 15 Almost Here

Jessie Thomas
Apex Legends Season 15 Almost Here

Season 15 is on the battle royale’s horizon, and the latest gameplay trailer gives you an impressive glimpse of what to anticipate. Keep reading to learn more about the new legend’s skills, the information about the freshly designed map, as well as a word about this iteration’s spellbinding cosmetics. 

Titled Eclipse, the new season features a new legend, a new map, and long-anticipated functionality. That also suggests a new battle pass with an array of new cosmetics and obstacles surrounding it. Wondering when Season 15 rolls out? November 1 is the answer. Now, let’s touch upon what the new season brings to the table. 

First and foremost, it’s Catalyst. Based on the Eclipse launch trailer, the new legend comes with a treasure trove of impressive abilities. For example, she is shown using her ferrofluid to stick opponents to the ground, putting up and hiding behind a massive wall of the inky substance, as well as using the substance for a brand new purpose: ‘gluing’ doors shut.

The new map Broken Moon incorporated into the gameplay and described as a terraforming project the moon is a combination of various locations and terrain, as well as appealing interiors and buildings.

Upon watching the trailer, you’ll notice that it directs you to a blog post where the new map is described in detail. Don’t forget to explore the post in order to familiarize yourself with what this brand new map is all about. It will help you progress through the gameplay smoothly. 

Last but not least, gifting is finally introduced to the gameplay in the upcoming season. You’ll get the chance to use Apex Coins to purchase gifts from the store and send them to your in-game buddies. So, aren’t you all excited to lay your fingertips on the battle royale’s Season 15? Share your thoughts on the topic in the comments below.

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