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Comrade Oruz, A New Hero, Set To Enter The Endless Dungeon Universe

Jessie Thomas
Comrade Oruz, A New Hero, Set To Enter The Endless Dungeon Universe

Sega, one of the prominent names in the gaming industry, has announced an exciting addition to their upcoming rouge-lite tactical action game, Endless Dungeon. The game, the latest addition to the acclaimed Endless franchise, will be introducing a brand-new hero named Comrade Oruz, a Remnant, a character with intriguing abilities and a unique backstory.

Comrade Oruz, created to serve the enigmatic ancient beings known as Endless, has the unique ability to create and prepare turrets to defend the crystal, a critical element in the game. This artificial being's abilities can be seen in action in the game's trailer released by Sega. Comrade's abilities are not just limited to turret creation. His "To Arms!" passive ability allows him to repair Research Terminals and Resource Generators with a simple shove. His special skill, "Comrade Turret," enables him to create an attacking turret in front of him. And with his ultimate ability, "Revolution," he can temporarily transform his weapon into a static turret.

Endless Dungeon is a game full of strategy and quick-thinking. The story revolves around an abandoned space station where the player is stranded. The only way to escape is to reach The Core, but that is impossible without the crystal bot. The bot, however, is under constant threat from the monsters in the station. Therefore, the player must plan well, place their turrets strategically, and be ready for some serious action.

Sega has made Endless Dungeon available for pre-order, with the official release date set for October 19th, 2023. The game will be available on various platforms, including PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. With its strategic gameplay and immersive storyline, it promises to be an exciting addition to the Endless franchise.

With Comrade Oruz now part of the Endless Dungeon universe, players can look forward to new strategies and exciting gameplay. What do you think of this new hero? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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