Deluge of Speculation Surrounding CoD Modern Warfare 3

Jessie Thomas
Deluge of Speculation Surrounding CoD Modern Warfare 3

We're about three months away from the hotly anticipated release of Call of Duty (CoD) Modern Warfare III (MW3). The CoD community has spent weeks engrossed in deep speculation, particularly regarding the potential classification of the game. Was it merely an add-on to 2022's successful Modern Warfare 2, or an entirely new game, for that matter? The debate raged on, fueled by speculative theories and the faint echoes of conflicting chatter. The majority held the belief that 2023 was not the year for a new Call of Duty release, expecting nothing more than additional content for the current game.

Breaking the silence and setting the record straight is none other than Activision, the developer behind MW3. The company issued a communication, later shared on Twitter by CharlieIntel, that unequivocally confirms the status of the frankly controversial game. MW3, Activision insists, is not just a regular release; it is a full, premium release. The developers are committed to delivering a fully-featured installment that justifies its projected price tag of $70.

The underlying cause of the community's dilution into dichotomous factions was more than just the naming confusion, though. Integral to the debate was the report that gamers can port over all their unlocked achievements and gains from Modern Warfare 2, including weapon challenges, Operators, progress, and bundles to MW3. This level of integration is a typical characteristic of DLC extensions, which further muddied the waters regarding MW3's status as a standalone game.

In the same communication that confirmed MW3 as a full release, Activision also addressed the speculation surrounding the game's price. In no uncertain terms, the company asserted that MW3 is no expansion to the previous version, and hence, players shouldn’t expect an ‘upgrade’ price. Instead, it is a premium game release that will be priced accordingly at $70 USD.

Though speculative chatter will likely continue, for now, CoD fans at least have something definitive to rely on. Energized by the clarifications, the community is anxiously waiting for the official release on November 10th. Gamers marked their calendars for the grand reveal even earlier, as Activision plans to fully unveil MW3 through an in-game event in CoD Warzone on August 17th. Until then, the anticipation continues to build as eager fans await their next best gaming experience.

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