Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Catch in The Cozy Edition for Switch Players

Jessie Thomas
Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Catch in The Cozy Edition for Switch Players

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been gaining traction since its early access release earlier this year. The creative, immersive game lets players craft their own Disney-filled world, with an enthusiastic community centered around sharing and celebrating their unique designs. Excitement has been building for its forthcoming full release, and most recently, the announcement of the Cozy Edition has added fuel to the fires of anticipation.

The newly revealed Cozy Edition has a lot to offer. Apart from a charming physical copy of the game, it's also packed with exclusives such as stickers, in-game attire, and animal companion skins. It promises to be a treasure for any Disney lover, providing not only a game but tangible memorabilia that enhances the enchanting Disney experience. However, the Cozy Edition for the Nintendo Switch has an unexpected detail.

While PlayStation and Xbox users can look forward to an actual disc inside the box, the Nintendo Switch version of the Cozy Edition will uniquely contain a download code instead of a standard physical cartridge. This mirrors an approach taken by other games on the Nintendo console, such as Overwatch, where the physical edition was also a digital code housed in a box rather than a cartridge.

Though the inconvenience is minor, it may dissuade some fans. Players have already voiced their disappointment over this decision on social media. They feel left out, preferring to have a physical cartridge, a sentiment shared by many collectors who see physical game copies as more than just a game but a significant item for their collection.

Despite the initial buzz of confusion and disappointment, Disney Dreamlight Valley has much to offer with the Cozy Edition's tangible and in-game exclusives. Gamers will have to decide whether the lack of a physical cartridge for the Nintendo Switch is a roadblock or a rustic rural bridge to a magical journey. The Gameloft title has almost everything a Disney fan could hope for, leaving players on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the full free-to-play release later this year.

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