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Embracing Blockchain: Google's New Policy Increases Transparency for Apps and Games

Jessie Thomas
Embracing Blockchain: Google's New Policy Increases Transparency for Apps and Games

Stepping into the ever-evolving world of blockchain, Google has recently made alterations to its policy, acknowledging the transformative power of this technology. This shift is aimed at bringing more transparency and ethical practices within blockchain-based digital content transactions on apps and games available on Google Play. Joseph Mills, Google's group product manager, emphasized that users must be kept in the loop about the tokenized digital assets involved.

The changes signify that developers will no longer be able to advertise or embellish the potential earnings achieved through trading or playing activities. This move acknowledges the burgeoning influence of blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize how digital content is transacted. Simultaneously, it opens the doors for more creativity and user interaction within the app and gaming ecosystem.

While the policy does permit transactions involving blockchain-based digital assets, Google maintains a firm stance on transparency and ethical promotion. The tech giant aims to shield its users from deceptive procedures or misleading promotions. This has been reflected in their new requirement for developers to declare clearly if their app or game involves the sale or earning of such assets, encompassing the company's broader efforts to prioritize user protection and prohibit the promotion of potential earnings.

Google further laid down strict rules for apps not adhering to its Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests policy. Such apps, alongside those failing to meet the eligibility criteria, are forbidden from accepting payments for chances to win prizes, including Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Furthermore, Google is presently conducting a pilot of the new policy with a select array of developers and intends to implement it broadly on Google Play later this year.

In conclusion, this policy change indicates Google's recognition of the significance of blockchain technology and its potential to reshape digital transactions. Ensuring transparent and responsible app development, Google continues to place its users at the forefront. It is anticipated that customers will start noticing improvements in their in-app and gaming experiences from the summer season onwards. This evolution is a significant step towards fostering a secure and transparent environment for users, thereby reiterating Google's commitment to user protection.

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