Enjoy Writing with the Following Apps for Android

Jessie Thomas
Enjoy Writing with the Following Apps for Android

If you want to become a better writer, use the applications which will help you to achieve the high-quality result over a short period of time. And what is important, you can use all of them on your mobile devices. Of course, it is much more comfortable to write using a desktop or a laptop at home or in the office. But you can have sudden ideas on the go, and in this case, it would be nice to have software on your smartphone allowing you to write by inspiration.

In this article, we would like to suggest some writing applications for Android, which will make your writing process easier. All of them are available at the store. Choose one from the list or try every app to stay focused on the writing of any kind. Write a text, edit it, and share the result with your colleagues at any moment during your day.



This is one of the best writing applications which you can find at the market. You can write within it and edit the text adding headings, changing fonts, making text bold or italic, and so on. It is easy to share the document with anyone. The app allows to arrange things easily, change places of various sections in a large file, applying drag and drop feature. There are a lot of other tools like a phrase finder, night vision, undo and redo options, typewriter scrolling, and snapshot. 

You will enjoy the dark theme of the software and prewritten templates for various literary genres. Download this app if you are involved in blog posting, writing of short or longs stories, etc.

iA Writer

iA Writer app screenshotThis application will allow you to work with any file saved in different formats like PDF, Doc, HTML, or plain text. Being an efficient word processor available both on iOS and Android devices, it can boast of a comprehensive, intuitive interface and helpful features. It removes distractions providing you with comfortable conditions for writing. You can adjust the surroundings as you like. Apply the night mode or sliding gestures, benefit from a built-in dictionary, and count words in a text automatically. The written text can be synchronized with cloud services. Choose one among One Drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. There is a title bar suggesting a range of options.

Google Docs

Google Docs

This writing app also can be used on an android device. You can easily integrate it with Google Drive. Be sure nothing written by you will ever be lost thanks to automatic saving in realtime. Create a new file, write your text, edit it, and, when your work is ready, share it with others with a guarantee of confidentiality. Being a cloud-based app, it allows you to get access to your files from any place and any device you have at the moment with an Internet connection. Of course, you should have your Google account to benefit from this opportunity. Just as other similar products, it contains templates for resumes, letters, articles, and more. Use them if you think these templates appropriate.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Worв app screenshot

Well, we just cannot forget about such popular software as Microsoft Word. Everybody who uses a desktop knows this perfect text processing tool. Now, you can download it from the Google Play Store for mobile devices. The app supports a material design look. Even the beginners will cope with it without difficulties. It allows export of the files of such formats as HTML, PDF and plain text. It is very convenient for keeping a record of notes when you are studying and reading them at any time from any device. In general, this mobile version looks much in common with a desktop application providing you with diverse possibilities. You are able to facilitate your work by applying such templates as a magazine, research paper, business letter, and others. And saving here is also automatic. Thus, you can forget about manual operations.

Make your choice

As you see, there are so many tools, which are ready to be of help if you decide to become a writer. Use them even if this activity is not your destiny, and you just need to write a letter or perform a college task. Any above-mentioned title is perfect for writing on the go or editing the text written on your desktop. Enjoy easy and safe export of files and simplify the whole writing process. Here you access an interruption-free environment where nothing will distract you from the activity; on the contrary, it can help you get rid of a lot of stressors.

We hope that the above information was useful to you. If the article has brought some new details, and the apps are looking attractive to you, please, let us know by leaving your comments below.

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