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Facebook Outage: 6 Hours Without Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger

Jessie Thomas
Facebook Outage: 6 Hours Without Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger

On Monday, users of Facebook services around the world faced various technical problems. Some could not log into their accounts; others could not update their Instagram feeds and send messages on Messenger, and so on. In total, the problems continued for six hours in a row.

Such a record-long period of system recovery was since employees of security offices could not get to their workplaces as internal tools, in particular, reading security badges, did not work. According to insiders, it could also be because of staff cuts due to the pandemic.

Upon completion of the work, when the connection was restored, the company representatives published an appeal. The cause of the failure was named changes in the configuration of routers responsible for network traffic. This, in turn, provoked a breakdown in communication between data centers. It is not yet known whether the changes were planned or were due to an internal error.

By the way, the failure of Facebook services led to the fact that users went to other platforms. Due to the large influx, such giants as Twitter, Tik-Tok, PS Network, Amazon, Netflix, Google Play, and so on also began to experience some issues.

After the incident, Facebook shares fell 4.9%. It is a record figure comparable only to the fall in November 2020. At the same time, other companies have benefited from the disruptions in Instagram and WhatsApp. For example, the Signal messenger reported on its official Twitter about a significant increase in users on Monday.

As ill-wishers say, failures in Facebook services' work frequently occur; big ones happen almost every six months. Do you think the developers will be able to stabilize the situation in the future? Or is it worth considering alternative resources for communication and getting the news right now

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