Google Assistant Becomes Kids-Friendlier

Jessie Thomas
Google Assistant Becomes Kids-Friendlier

The recent update of Google Assistant is focusing on its youngest users. Now, kids can do much more and have much more fun by speaking to Nest or any Google Assistant device. Not that it’s the perfect friend everyone seems to have been missing in the childhood; yet Google is becoming friendlier to the youngest in any possible way.

When it comes to services for kids, there are two main tasks. For kiddos themselves, this should be fun. Through the parent’s eye, this should be safe. Google combines fun and advanced safety in this update, adding a lot to both sides of the story.
The parental control section is completely overhauled, being available through Google Home app, Family Link feature, and Google Assistant apps on the adults’ devices. With these new features, parents can control the way their younger generation uses Google Assistant: for example, filter adult content and words, set up downtime, etc.

When facing kids, Google Assistant has two more great features that every want-to-know-it-all kid will appreciate. The first of them is a specialized dictionary. Let the young and curious one ask, “Hey Google, what is an equilateral triangle?”, or “is an elephant bigger than a mammoth?”, or “who is the richest kid on Earth?” The manner in which these questions should be answered should be anything but dull, and the explanations should be simple. Kids Dictionary is the feature that changes the way Google Assistant speaks, making its speech kid-friendlier. To activate Kids Dictionary every time the child asks a question, you’ll need to do voice matching first.

And what about voices? Oh, Google got some. The four new voices imitate various manners, accents, and ways of speaking. All of them have something in common, though: they speak slower and more distinctly, thus easier to make out. It’s enough to say “Hey Google, change your voice!”, and the kid will start hearing the answers in a new one.
Have you already received the updated Google Assistant? Do you really find it more attractive for kids? Share your impressions with us in the comments!

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