Hollow Knight: Silksong Release Possibly Delayed Due to Game's Expansion

Jessie Thomas
Hollow Knight: Silksong Release Possibly Delayed Due to Game's Expansion

Hollow Knight: Silksong, one of the highly anticipated games, might face a delay in its release, according to a recent update from Team Cherry's marketing and publishing representative, Matthew Griffin. Originally anticipated for a June 2023 release, the game's development is still ongoing, and its increased content size has become a factor in the potential delay.

Griffin shared this information on Twitter, stating that while they had initially planned for a release in the first half of 2023, development continues as they strive to make the game as good as possible. This announcement came after Hollow Knight: Silksong made an appearance at the Xbox & Bethesda showcase in June 2022. At that event, Xbox emphasized that games showcased were expected within the following 12 months.

The primary reason for this potential delay is the game's expanded content. Griffin mentioned that Hollow Knight: Silksong has "gotten quite big," implying that there may be more features and gameplay elements than initially planned. This expansion could be seen as both positive news for fans awaiting an immersive gaming experience and negative news due to the possible postponement of its launch.

Despite this setback, it is important to note that Team Cherry is dedicated to delivering a high-quality product to gamers worldwide. The team's commitment to taking extra time to ensure Hollow Knight: Silksong meets its standards and players' expectations signifies their passion for creating an exceptional gaming experience.

In conclusion, while Hollow Knight: Silksong may experience a delayed release due to its expanded content and ongoing development process, fans can rest assured knowing that Team Cherry is focused on delivering a polished and engaging game. Although it might take longer than initially expected, it seems likely that the final product will be worth the wait for eager gamers anticipating this title.

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