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iPhone 13: A Secret Problem Found

Jessie Thomas
iPhone 13: A Secret Problem Found

Just a few days after premiering, iPhone 13 already faces some unpleasant issues.

One of the first problems that Apple’s new brainchild delivered was caused by the ProMotion screen. It turned out that it couldn’t handle the 120Hz frequency all the time while functioning.

And now a new issue got revealed: unlock with the Apple Watch feature seems to fail permanently. This is bizarre, as the older iPhone generations that supported the same know-how worked almost like clocks.

The worst part is that there’s basically no time to fix it. And it’s unknown yet whether the glitch is caused by an error in the code or it’s the hardware that you should blame it on.

The blunder has already caused some complaints and protests. For instance, there’s a Subreddit exclusively dedicated to the issue: while some ridicule Apple being incapable to offer a reliable gadget for that price, others claim that rebooting iPhone 13 is a remedy.

At the same time, Cupertino’s company promises to remove the glitch asap. They believe it’s related to a software bug and a patch will ensue ”as soon as possible”. But no exact date has been given yet.

iPhone 13 hit the shelves on September 24. The cheapest version — iPhone 13 mini — charges $699, while for a Pro Max version you’ll have to pay extra 400 bucks.

Touch ID support is a feature that is surely missed with the new iPhone. So far, a major part of iPhone 13 owners have to fiddle with the passcodes manually while unlocking the gadget.

Some people believe that in the course of two weeks we’ll hear about more glitches and blunders hidden in the architecture of iPhone 13.

Another source of outcry right now is iOS 15 which has weak compatibility with AirPods. It also reduces their sound quality, ruins synchronization, and causes other similar issues.

Why do you think new iPhones always have annoying issues? Do you believe they should try harder for that kind of price? Let us know in the comments!

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