Microsoft's Claim of Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch Disputed by CMA

Jessie Thomas
Microsoft's Claim of Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch Disputed by CMA

The gaming community has recently been buzzing with the news of Microsoft's claim that the popular game Call of Duty can be effectively run on the Nintendo Switch. However, the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has stepped in to refute this potentially game-changing statement, rekindling the ongoing debate over the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft's assertion was met with much skepticism from the outset, as the Nintendo Switch has long been considered to be less powerful than its competitors, such as the PlayStation and Xbox. The idea that it could run a demanding game like Call of Duty, which is known for its high-quality graphics and intense gameplay, seemed to be a stretch for many gamers. Despite this, Microsoft's statement generated a great deal of excitement, as it could have signified a major shift in the gaming landscape.

However, the CMA has now thrown cold water on these hopes by publicly disputing Microsoft's claim. According to the regulatory body, there is no concrete evidence to support the notion that the Nintendo Switch can effectively run Call of Duty, and it is unlikely that the console would be able to handle the game without significant performance compromises. This is mainly due to the Switch's hardware limitations, which are not on par with those of its more powerful counterparts.

As a result of the CMA's intervention, the possibility of Call of Duty coming to the Nintendo Switch has been significantly diminished, much to the disappointment of the gaming community. While the Switch has proven to be a versatile and innovative console, it seems that its limitations in terms of power and performance will continue to prevent it from competing directly with the likes of PlayStation and Xbox when it comes to running high-end games.

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