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New Calls Tab for Facebook Messenger

Jessie Thomas
New Calls Tab for Facebook Messenger

Now Facebook Messenger will have a separate 'Calls' tab, which will significantly speed up and simplify the use of the app. This new tab will be added to the bottom of the application, where other functional elements are located. With its help, you can access video and voice calls with one click. 'Calls' tab will be available for both iOS and Android. This new tab is not available to all users right now, but in the near future, everyone will be able to start using the updated version of Facebook Messenger.
Also, Facebook Messenger has recently expanded its functionality with a set of features called Shortcuts. By using them, users will be able to send ASCII emoticons, GIFs, and use various commands. Such a new approach to design is a very wise decision since simplified access to calls, as well as simplification of functionality in general, always has a beneficial effect on the demand for a particular application. The Calls tab will be next to the Stories, People, and Chats tabs. Clicking on it will open access to your contact list.
Until the last update, access to the call button was done through the chat window. Thanks to the new design update, Facebook Messenger will be able to compete on equal terms with similar applications where such an interface has long been implemented. Meanwhile, Messenger has a significant advantage, since it does not require a caller's number to make calls.
The new update will also allow users to use commands in the chat window, and create a notification for group members both for all and for individual members. Thus, Facebook has taken another step towards firmly gaining a foothold on the championship podium.
Did you ever wish that you had a separate tab for calls while you were using Facebook Messenger? Are there any apps that Facebook Messenger should borrow ideas from? Please tell us in the comments below.


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