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New Useful Update for YouTube Music

Jessie Thomas
New Useful Update for YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a well-known opponent of Spotify, and lately, the developers have been working on new features to make the app appealing to more people. Of course, it has the upper hand in providing original songs and different remixes.

Lately, users of iOS and Android have noticed a new section on their phones. Now, you can also stream “other performances” of the song you are currently listening to. You can spot this addition near the Related tab, appearing near “Recommended playlists” and “You might also like.”

This update will allow users to listen to the original version of the song and then explore its video clips and covers by different other artists, including popular remixes. The feature was spotted months ago but only now has become available worldwide.

This is a great opportunity for young musicians to get their spot on the platform when people are looking for someone new to listen to. The algorithm will push covers and remixes to the said section, where you can browse clips and covers from the live shows.
In addition, Google might be working on the sleeping timer for YouTube Music. It is a handy option for someone who wants to fall asleep listening to music but is too paranoid about leaving their phone playing all night. Moreover, you can schedule breaks during your work so you won’t get too tired from being up for long.

YouTube Music is an excellent platform for newcomers to the music industry since you can easily upload your creation to the website, and there is a big chance it can get recommended to many people. Remixes have become quite popular lately, so you can try out your skills in that department.

Do you like to listen to the covers of your favorite songs? Would you like to discover new artists through this feature? Please, share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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