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Nobody Can Find Your Location Through Instagram

Jessie Thomas
Nobody Can Find Your Location Through Instagram

Recently, a ‘meme’ image has given a scare to a lot of Instagram users with iPhones. It is hard to know what data exactly goes to the app, and when something like this comes up, the misinformation can go full circle.

Instagram was flooded with reposts of the image stating that using tags on your posts can expose your exact location. And isn’t it scary? Nobody wants to fall victim to a stalker or a criminal. The fake targeted only iPhone users, although you can use this feature on Android.

Of course, Meta has quickly released a statement denying all allegations. The app uses your location only after you agree to share it. In addition, your placement can be shown only either through tags or points on the map. Users can always opt out of sharing their location, but it could lead to a less interesting experience.

For example, if you went to an excellent restaurant, you would gladly show it to your followers on Instagram. It is a great way to share your interesting findings in the city, and through tags, you can also get a shout-out from a popular brand. This feature has long been accessible both on iOS and Android.

Moreover, your location is used very widely by many apps like Uber or Ola cabs. It would be hard for your driver to reach the destination if they didn’t know where to pick you up. You might refuse to give your exact location, but is it worth not getting home on time?

The spread of this meme shows how uneducated most users are, and it is rather concerning. You should know how your location is used by any app on your device. Instagram has dealt pretty well with the ongoing situation, but we can only guess what ‘meme’ will be next.

Have you gotten scared by this meme? Why do you think users don’t pay attention to their rights? Please, share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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