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Samsung Steps Up the Game in the Food Tech Space with Its New Samsung Food Platform

Jessie Thomas
Samsung Steps Up the Game in the Food Tech Space with Its New Samsung Food Platform

In a significant move towards driving innovation in the food technology space, Samsung, a global leader in technology, has unveiled its innovative Samsung Food platform. Now launched in over 104 countries, the new platform aims to transform the way users shop for food and plan their meals. Samsung food is not just a mere modification but a remarkable transition, based on Whisk, the popular meal-planning app Samsung acquired back in 2019.

The platform garners an impressive catalog of more than 160,000 recipes from around the world, available in eight different languages. From scavenging through delicious recipes to planning meals and creating shopping lists, Samsung Food offers a holistic solution for an efficient and enjoyable cooking experience. It's more than just a recipe book; it's a comprehensive cooking companion.

Interestingly, Samsung food exudes a strong resemblance with the Whisk platform, perhaps indicating its roots. The interface, albeit rebranded, still engages users through the Play Store and App Store download links. And in a first-of-its-kind move, the platform extends to Samsung’s Bespoke range of refrigerators. This integration can redefine the modern kitchen experience by facilitating access to meal planning right on your fridge screen.

In the near future, the company aims to take its integration efforts a step further. With plans to incorporate other Bespoke devices such as microwaves and ovens, Samsung intends to automate cooking processes, like oven pre-heating or timer setting, based on the selected recipe. Furthermore, leveraging its smart home system, SmartThings, Samsung appliances interconnected through the system can provide a seamlessly coordinated cooking experience.

As ambitious as this may sound, that is not where Samsung's visionary plans end. The company is looking to raise the bar even higher by integrating Samsung Food with Samsung Health, achieving a synergy between meal planning and wellness. On the horizon for 2024 is Vision AI, a revolutionary technology aimed at recognizing food items through the phone camera and providing instant data on their nutritional value. Samsung's innovative stride within the food technology domain indeed brings much excitement for what the future holds for cooking enthusiasts around the globe.

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