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Welcome Again Camera Shortcut on WhatsApp

Jessie Thomas
Welcome Again Camera Shortcut on WhatsApp

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot from WhatsApp. Meta-owned chatting platform is always getting timely updates, and sometimes it can be pretty hard to keep up. Nevertheless, recent news is simple to understand.

In the previous beta, WhatsApp removed the camera shortcut located at the top bar of the app. You might’ve not even noticed it, but it was there for a pretty long time. Now, the camera button is replaced by the Communities tab, which has been in the works lately.

Nevertheless, WhatsApp has announced that the camera shortcut might be coming back in the future beta update. It seems like the Communities tab and taking pictures are equally important to the developers. There is not a lot of space to sacrifice in the top bar, but programmers will find a way to fit it all. Of course, a lot can change before the actual rollout of the update.

In addition, you will get a way to effortlessly check the updated status of your friends in the chat. WhatsApp is developing a feature where you can click on the picture of the person you are communicating with and see their last status update. It is handy to have it in case you are curious to know what’s going on. Moreover, if you find it annoying, you will be able to disable the notifications about status updates in the settings for the Android app.

However, iOS users might need to wait a bit for the upcoming update. There is no particular date of the release for the beta.

WhatsApp is still working on other bugs and fixes that testers constantly find in the app. We might hear more from the developers soon, but for now, we can focus on keeping up with never stopping news about the minor changes in every update.

Do you prefer the camera shortcut or the Communities tab? Why do you think developers favored the Communities tab at first? Please, share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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