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YouTube Releasing New Designs & Modifications

Jessie Thomas
YouTube Releasing New Designs & Modifications

The video streaming giant has unveiled its soon-to-be-introduced new design enhancements. The new functionality includes pinch-to-zoom and precise seeking, as well as a streamlined preview. All this will help you pinpoint a required video fragment effortlessly and a lot faster than before. As of today, these adjustments are being introduced across the platform. Keep reading for more details.

The new pinch-to-zoom tool will aid you in zooming in on vids just the way you do it with pictures. Have you already given this YouTube feature a go? That’s probably because you’re subscribed to YouTube premium where it has already been tested for some time in late summer. 

In addition to this, the platform is introducing precise seeking to assist you with rewinding or fast-forwarding your vids to a specific segment. Also, as you go through a vid, you’ll deal with a frame-by-frame view, which will make detecting and exploring the needed segments a lot more effortless than it was before.

Another fine addition is known as ambient mode that allows the application’s background color to adjust to the shades in the vid you’re currently viewing. This exciting function will be available cross-platform for users with a dark theme activated. And it’s crafted in the smartest way possible to keep the distraction to a minimum.

Last but not least, YouTube’s dark mode is about to become even darker — all for the purpose of making the colors truly stand out on your device. Some links and buttons are getting a makeover, as well as part of this major design improvement. So, are you looking forward to seeing the new modifications? Share your thoughts in the comments below and get the discussion started. Bookmark this blog to come back for more updates on all things technology.

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