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When there are dozens of different flashy, bright, modern games for our gadgets, we return to classics more and more often. What can be better than a good old-fashioned card game on your phone? Especially, when it is the Cribbage Classic game. I bet you’ll run for this gem to the Google Play market once you read this review.


The rules of Cribbage are the same. You have a cribbage board, cards, and pins. According to one of the versions, it was invented at the beginning of the 17th century by the English poet named John Suckling.
The game uses a full set of 52 cards. The card ranking works this way:

  • The ace - 1 point;
  • Tens, jacks, queens, kings - 10 points each.

All other cards are ranked by the number of points on them. The goal of the game is to score 121 points before your opponent, by making up various combinations with the help of your own cards and opponent’s cards.

Points are obtained in several rounds. Each round consists of a game and a card show. Scoring is carried out using a special board with holes and pins. There are also three difficulty levels:

  • Easy;
  • Standard;
  • Pro.

Easy level is a pretty soft and simple one. Standard will provide you with a fair, quite challenging game, and Pro is probably invincible. This game will satisfy both amateurs and masters.

What I love about this game the most is a Discard Analyser. This thing is like an assistant: it examines the cards you put in your own crib or given to the opponent and tells you how many points you could achieve on average if you’d made other card combo. The analyzer also gives you hints during game rounds, that is quite helpful.


Cribbage has no fabulous animations or special effects, and, honestly, it doesn’t need them. The game looks amazing with customizable board and cards. You can choose from seven colors to change the board look, and select a red, blue, or green color for cards.

The cards are almost real-like. They’re made with high-quality, detailed textures that make them look like classic gaming cards you use for all sorts of card games.


Cribbage is a cool classic card and board game, that was successfully designed and brought to you by the Games By Post developers. This game combines high-quality graphics along with classic, well-known gameplay. What else you need to enjoy the old board game? Download the Cribbage for your Android device and polish your gaming skills to become a master.

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