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  • Rating: 5
  • Author: Backflip Studios, Inc.
  • Category: Strategy Games


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Dragons are never enough! I bet you agree with me. These creatures are a mystery for us, so we want more to know more. Here’s the DragonVale game: a real dragon-breeding farm, that fits the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Are you already excited? Keep on reading the review to learn more!


Your main goal in this game is to get more dragons. If you have ever dreamed about becoming the actual Mother of Dragons (or, maybe, father?), the DragonVale is here to satisfy your needs. At the game beginning, you are given the usual elemental dragons. There are fire, water, and other dragons to play with. Next, you can hybridize all the dragons and create new species. New dragons will be a lot more exciting as they have new features and can complete different missions.

You can breed up to 500 dragons! But, be ready to get food and stuff for them. And this is where the second main game goal lies: you should develop a city your dragons live in. Grow crops, get dragon yums, ad build new constructions to train your dragons.

Grow + breed + sell = profit. The more profit you get for selling goods, the more successful your city becomes, and this is what affects your game level. The DragonVale game also requires a strong Internet connection, so that the game can upgrade and download content automatically.


The visual part is what I love the most about this game. Let’s start with the dragons. These creatures look fairish. There are so many of them that you can get and breed, and it may even seem that the game is endless. The graphics can remind you of My Little Pony series. Everything looks quite cartoon-like, with bright, juicy colors and high-quality details. Shiny dragon eggs along with poky game elements make your kid come back for more.

The landscape also looks good. You get a 3D map of the city you have to develop, so you can quickly find a needed building or any other area to use.


DragonVale has a capturing, addicting, gameplay mixed with impressive graphics, animations, and a cool idea. The Dragonvale Dragons are great, but breeding them is way greater! Simple game mechanics backed by nice visual part make this game a nice one for both kids and adults. The game is child-friendly. But, beware that it requires using social media. However, this is optional so your kid can play the game safely.

Download the DragonVale for your Android device and enjoy the game!

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