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Gacha Life is casual PEGI 3 game. This is about anime, cute characters, tons of clothes and accessories, and endless choices. You will get 20 slots which should be filled with the creatures you dress up. Enjoy the numerous features and options providing the stunning playing experience. The game suits the tastes and preferences of a wide audience, and the reason for that is its diversity. It covers a lot of ground, delivering the possibility to interact.


The key task you are expected to complete in this game is dressing up. In addition, you can apply Studio Mode, Gacha and Life Mode, mini-games. You will decide on gender, age, height, body, face, hairs which should be chosen. Apply various properties to create the best character you will be pleased with. Then, you are suggested to create various scenarios where these beings will communicate and interact with each other. Use particular backgrounds or memes. Mind that only up to 8 persons can participate in a scene. They can move around, sing, dance, fight, or just strike a pose. The creature can be kind or evil, smart or silly – that’s for you to decide.

Playing Life Mode, you will develop personal friendships and reach the Main Level opening the chat, and that means you will be able to communicate with other players online. In the ‘Gacha’ mode, you can buy gifts and get additional goods and improve stamina required in Life Mode to develop relationships.


The design is cool here. It is performed in the anime style. It is exactly for those who love to create original characters, customize and decorate suggested templates. There are a lot of fashion outfits, and it is a real pleasure to choose all those items of the available wardrobe. The excellent graphics help you to explore this virtual world with pleasure. Though, you should know that a social tab and mini-games aren’t too impressive. The coolest thing here is the studio with its outfits, gestures, and facial expressions. You can look them through from the very beginning but remember that character slots are restricted. This performance will increase while you are progressing.


The game has high replayability and provides you with a rich choice of elements and modes. When you start, you will be amazed by plenty of options and choices. It seems that there is not much sense in preferring this property or another, but soon you will understand that everything is important here and the game comes around full circle. For instance, you will not waste your time when you select the face of your character in Gacha Life. Start and figure out the details.

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