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Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure open-world multiplayer game, released on September 17, 2013. Grand Theft Auto V game is a real gaming industry phenomenon, a bridge that connects two generations of consoles.

GTA V Gameplay 5/5

First of all, what distinguishes GTA 5 is that the sandbox here is so bright, thoughtful, and unpredictable that you can plunge into history at any moment. Bandits steal handbags, motorbikes, and cars (and you can help the owner return the stolen goods), cops shoot fire with street gangs and rednecks, accidents occur mostly every time.

This what makes GTA special. You expect to find a role-playing game, not an action game with an open world that has a high level of violence and a bunch of bans from lawyers of various stripes. Every second, something happens somewhere. This is not scenery (because you can intervene in any random event), Los Santos is a real city with its own rules. GTA 5 is not just a territory where you need to go from point to point in the story. Rockstar, having gone through the thorny path of evolution, achieved almost perfect gameplay and created a real ecosystem.

The storyline in GTA 5 is radically different from everything that was before. We get more than one character. This time, GTA brings three personages whose fates are closely intertwined. We are told a story deeply personal for each character, whose content goes far beyond the action taking place on the screen. During the passage, we not only strive to see what will happen next but also learn facts from their biographies.

GTA V Graphics 5/5

Los Santos is by far the largest city in the GTA series and, perhaps, one of the most thoughtful, rich, and beautiful in the history of video games. Like its real prototype, Los Angeles, the settlement is divided into several large zones, completely different in landscape and design. Wild areas covered by rivers and mountains, suburban villages, and downtown with skyscrapers. After the first walk along the street, you fall in love with this world blindly and wholeheartedly.

GTA V Sounds 5/5

The soundtrack of GTA V is a true gem. People search for the game songs on the Internet because GTA has a wide selection of cool gangsta rap tracks and other music styles that perfectly fit the gameplay.

Сontrols 4/5

An important innovation was also the Rockstar editor, which has its shortcuts. Due to that, the controls became more complicated.

Interface controls:

  • P – Pause
  • Home – Rockstar Social Club
  • Enter – Confirm
  • Escape / Right mouse button – Cancel / Return 
  • Left mouse button – Skip (video)
  • Wheel Up / PgUp – Enlarge (map)
  • Wheel down / PgDn – Zoom out (map)

Basic character controls:

  • Mouse – Overview
  • M – Menu
  • Z – Mini-map scale
  • Space – Jump
  • Capslock – Special Ability
  • LShift – Sprint
  • LCtrl – Stealth
  • Q – Hide
  • E – Use
  • C – Look Back
  • Alt + Mouse – Character Change

Replay Value 5/5

One of the reasons why you should pay attention to Grand Theft Auto V is its budget. GTA5 has $266 million of investments for the development and marketing of video games. Even the "Avatar" was cheaper. The players also say the replay value of this game is quite significant. Owing to the addictive gameplay and high-quality images, it is possible to spend countless hours playing with it.

In Conclusion

According to the developers, this is the largest and most ambitious project of the GTA series with a huge open world and a lot of opportunities. As a result, the game received high scores from critics and was repeatedly appreciated as the game of the year by various magazines.



    High-quality visuals; Open world with a lot of opportunities; Great for playing with a friend and alone; Excellent soundtrack;


    Can be glitchy if your PC isn't powerful enough;


Grand Theft Auto 5 is truly the greatest game of our time and a huge hit. This game should be played not only by a longtime fan of the GTA series of games but by every gamer on Earth.

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