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Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V is full of crime and smart humor action-adventure game. It was released in 2013. The action takes place in a mythical city resembling California where three main characters are committing heists. Join to know all about their goals and abilities.


This game combines elements of a shooter and intellectual gaming including a lot of humor and actual pictures of America. There are three criminals with different stories and peculiarities which are going to execute their criminal plan and get benefits. You have the possibility to switch between these characters choosing the most interesting for you or trying all of them with their missions or outside those tasks. Gameplay is rather rich due to a great number of achievements. There is also Grand Theft Auto Online version for multiplayer playing, which can participate up to 30 players. Here competitive and cooperative game modes are available.

The city where events happen is full of celebrities and various people interacting with the main characters. Due to the unstable economy, they have to survive in any way. Three criminals decide to solve their financial problems and get big money robbing a dangerous and highly protected object. You will know personal stories of Franklin, Michael, and Trevor and decide how to use their skills and abilities to achieve the result with the highest score.


The game is made in a narrative way, and there are a lot of talks, jokes, and other content in the form of information. Being updated the game has gotten improved mechanical elements meaning that a cover system now is completely reliable. The game runs well-having quality texture, and extra options get better performance. The design is really good with realistic scenes and characters looking very alive. You can add realistic soft shadows and contact-hardening to the game. Those shadows change when the distance from a casting element increases. Thus you’ve got improved fidelity and immersion.


This game is one of the most interesting among shooters due to the interesting plot revealing plenty of true moments about the U.S., and complicated purposed. You can play it from both first- and third-person perspective within a play station navigating characters driving vehicle or walking around. Here you will be involved in a war between other criminals and government conspiracies. You will be chased by police and hide to avoid justice.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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