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  • Rating: 5
  • Author: Hologryph
  • Category: Role Playing Games


Secret Neighbor is a relatively new action-horror game developed by Hologryph and Dynamic Pixels. It was released in October 2019, right before Halloween. The game received controversial reviews from critics and is currently available for $19.99 for Xbox.

Graphics/Sound 10/10

An outstanding vivid and smoothly running graphics are probably the best thing in the game. Secret Neighbor is an atmospheric game that welcomes you in the new indie horror. It was made by Hello Neighbor developers and considered to be it is a rightful successor. The characters look lovely. And Neighbor looks rather weird, not creepy. Soundtracks in the game were made to intensify upcoming horrors, to make everything realistic. The sound rises at the crucial points.

Interface and Controls 9/10

The interface is way clearer and understandable than it was in the Hello Neighbor game. You receive tips and guidance on your screen. Read everything the game tells you. Unfortunately, since the speed of the game is high, as we expect from the first-person horror, it is not always possible to follow instructions or to even read all of them. With several children in one place, it is hard to keep up with all the actions in the room. Controls still may be glitchy, despite the numerous improvements developers made. Yet, after you learn all your possibilities, you will enjoy the game.

Gameplay 9/10

It is everything about the basement again. Your main goal did not change from the Hello Neighbor game. However, now you have only 15 minutes to get into the basement. You may feel a little bit more confident in your actions, at least while you are supported by friends. Just try to not relax so much, as one of them may be a masked Neighbor himself.

The action takes place in-between the first and second acts of Hello Neighbor. As far as you may remember, the 1st act ends with the main character being captured. Now his friends are trying to rescue him. They have to find the key, open the basement, save the kid. The neighbor is still your main problem. Now he is wearing horrible masks of clowns. There is a possibility that you will play as Neighbor himself. In this case, your goal is to scare children or to gain their trust before you attack them and protect the basement.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

The lasting appeal of Secret Neighbor is surprisingly high. Unlike the Hello Neighbor game, where everything is played by the acts, and you have to follow the scenario, here you receive numerous opportunities. You can try playing against children, trying to spook them out and confuse them. You may change the techniques of the strategy you develop against them. Try to gather the keys, lead the team, cooperate with others. Use the new approach. You may play simply to have fun, to get scared, to gain scores, or become a new winner.


Secret Neighbor is an eye-catching horror game, recommended for players of 12+. You may be already familiar with fishy Neighbor and his mysterious basement. Now you have to go back there again and save your friend from misfortune. It has incredible bright graphics, atmospheric soundtracks, and diverse gameplay.

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