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  • Rating: 5
  • Author: Mediatonic
  • Category: Action


Fall Guys is a pretty innocent 60-man battle royale where you don't have to kill anyone. Competitors will fall by themselves as you progress through insane levels, which in most cases resemble challenging obstacle courses.

Graphics and Sound 9/10

The game graphics look simple but very sleek, and numerous cosmetic items make each character look individual. Everything that happens against the background of bright colors looks even more comical and funny. The fun music is so cool with what is happening on the screen that it makes no sense to include your playlist while playing.

Controls 9/10

The controls are as terse as possible – there are enough movement buttons, two types of a jump, and the ability to hold objects or opponents. There is nothing superfluous: no need to come up with dull tactics with an ambush while waiting for the majority of opponents to kill each other.

Gameplay 9/10

Fall Guys is a set of mini-games that are full of insane competitions. You have to go through various tests during which the number of players will decrease. Last round, there are less than ten of you left.

As for the challenges, you can choose between races or arenas. In the first case, you have an obstacle race to the finish line. The victory is awarded to the one who crossed the finish line first.

A few of the amounts are contests between many groups of participants. For example, there is football with huge balls or collecting as many eggs scattered around the arena for your team. This kind of task can be quite challenging.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

Games like Fall Guys are not capable of captivating players for long. It is a great and enjoyable pastime for a few hours. Not many will want to play it longer. The game is suitable for parties, but not as an excuse to get together with friends, but as an option in case, it gets completely dull.





    Bright graphics; Lots of modes; Funny gameplay;


    Victory is often determined by chance; No cross-platform multiplayer;


Fall Guys deserves attention. It is a hilarious, bright, festive arcade game in which it is so much fun to come off after challenging games in online shooters or a busy day. You will hardly want to spend all your free time in it, but this is the case when you leave the game in sight for a long time to return to it in your mood periodically.

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