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  • Author: Roblox Corporation
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Roblox is a house for many games made by and for its own users. Gamers come to Roblox to explore new words of mini-games, take part in adventures, and just hang out with friends and family in the exciting digital environment.

Graphics and Sound 9/10

Roblox platform offers a unique style for the games you can create and play. They all are bright and consists of virtual blocks very similar to Lego constructors. There is a poorly developed background, but it still looks natural.

Not many games have music in them, but there are still some very atmospheric samples with nice soundtracks. It all depends on the preference and experience of creators. You may pick different sounds and bring them to your game.

Controls 10/10

This platform can easily interact with iOS, Mac, Android, Xbox, and PC. The console gives a more complicated experience in the game, so as to iOS. Still, you can always play with already existed games instead of creating your own. Or you can learn mechanics, using keyboard and mouse, which is actually not that hard, and build something interesting. After that, just download it on your phone.

Gameplay 10/10

Each game is different. Some of them truly amazing, like Jailbreak, Heroes!, Azure Mines, Hallow’s Eve, or Tiny Tanks. They all have different genres and atmospheres inside games. There actually thousands of games created by gamers since 2006 year.

To create your own game, you can get inspired by others or have your own unique idea. There are many themes and parks you can create from them. If your game needs some fabulous house, you can build it, using materials offered by Roblox.

There are hundreds of variants for characters in the game. You can try different clothes, hats, shirts. Change the faces of your characters. Add style. You can always chat with your friends in the game asking for advice. According to developers, when they were creating Roblox, their main goal was to give young people an opportunity to try themselves in-game making process. Some of the first users of this platform became game developers themselves. Official statistics say there are 70 million active users who enjoy Roblox every month.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

Roblox is not just one game. It is multiple numbers of games in one pack. All of them were created by different people with different preferences. You may take part in races or get scared by Halloween theme game, bake a cake or defend the castle. If one game becomes boring, switch to another one.

You can’t get used to all of the games. It will take quite a lot of time for you to pass at least half of them. Just pick several most appealing to you and have fun.


    The platform has hundreds of different games; It gives tools to create your own game; It is family-friendly;


    Games are not very complicated; There are not enough tools for advanced games;


Roblox is one of the undoubted achievements of humankind. It was made to awake our creativity to help us to express ourselves. And during many years it really works. You can join this world of games development for free and challenge yourself with a new experience. Now you can either play games or create them.

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