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Meet the most popular Battle Royale game in the world. Fortnite is an epic game with fabulous scenes around, amazing unique gear and weapon,s and a variety of adventures. It gives you only one chance to survive and become the last gamer standing, and you have to take it. Become a participant of this 100 players’ battle, enjoy colorful peaceful landscapes and rare skins while you can.

What is Fortnite?

Doubtfully, that there are many people that still don’t know what Fortnite is. But maybe you are a spaceman who just has returned to Earth after 10 years in the cosmos. Then that is ok! And if you still don’t know about this glorious game everyone is talking about, it is time to learn more about Fortnite. For starters, the game is available on your iOS devices as well. It is free, but you can always buy an extra weapon, new amazing skin that no one has, or something you consider necessary for a victory.

Prepare yourself for a struggle. The game is tough and needs various skills and fast thinking from you. Unlikely you will be able to go through many difficulties from the first attempt. Once you are out, don’t give up. Just go back again and start over.

The gameplay is well-developed and provides you numerous activities on your choice. The game begins with you and your 99 rivals or future friends falling down on the unknown island from the flying party bus. You’ve hard everything right. Prepare to face millions of dangers that are waiting for you on the island while you are weaponless. You can be killed by other players, so always watch your back, you can die from a lack of resources.

What can you do in this situation? You can either form an alliance with other players and try to win together or act alone and hide from better-equipped enemies until you will be ready to come up and kill them. Look around and search for the weapon. If you want to see the island you need to be quick as the map is shrinking to push rivals face to face. Master your skills in combat and strategy. You will not need to learn how to control your character for long if you have played other mobile games before. Just use the touch screen. However, it is a little bit limited in options, comparing to other platforms.

Is Fortnite even beautiful?

Fortnite has spectacular views. You are surrounded by vivid colors of the island’s nature. The mobile version still keeps the same quality of graphics as its desktop prototype. Your skins will look cool no matter where you will be playing. Still, the big screen gives you a better look, while taking your mobility away. It is up to you.


Fortnite opens the doors to the world of competition, surviving and strategy building for you. If you feel that you are ready, invite your friends to join you or play alone and become a winner. This is a free game, so you can always check it out.

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