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Jessie Thomas
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  • Rating: 5
  • Author: No Brakes Games
  • Category: Action


Human Fall Flat is a quirky action-adventure with a mix of exploration and puzzle genres. You getting a human being called Bob, and seemingly floating inside his fantasies, as there are issues with simple math and persistence of fact.

Graphics and Sound 9/10

The main character is also the main attraction of the game. He is the central figure in the universe without primeval laws of physics. It’s mainly a shape that looks like a toddler without a face. Creepy? Well, after several hours in the game you will barely notice that. When he moves, it is like he does not have bones or they are constantly moving in his body. So, we can say for sure the animation in this game is really catchy.

The vivid background is barely detailed, some look like several shades of color just being put together. There are also very well-drawn buildings or mechanisms, and it adds more charm to the game. The game feels like a very sophisticated masterpiece in the best traditions of postmodern art. Yet, you can always paint your character in different colors, making him Superman or David Bowie-like.

Sounds in the game fully comply with the picture on the screen. When Bob falls, you can hear that. The music behind is somewhat very ironically epic. And it makes the game even funnier.

Controls 9/10

You receive full control of your character, which means that you can move him how you want. He is surprisingly interactive with the surrounding environment. He can grab anything that is drawn, climb anywhere and jump from any height.

To manage the navigation, you need just assign the right-click in Configure, Options, Controls or Keyboard keys and choose the best-suited variant. Controls were made tricky on purpose, so you could drop important stuff, fall from cliffs, dangling from ledges, getting crushed, and so on. You control right and left arms individually, which is not easy at all.

Gameplay 9/10

At first, the game looks very appealing. Especially if you are watching as somebody plays in it. You start with painting your character and traveling to multiple weird fantasy worlds or dreams where the gravitation laws work improperly.

You will touch everything and leap or operate anywhere, but after a few hours, even when you truly learn all the tips, it's becoming just a bit dull. The process of constant floating or falling is too long and predictable. However, puzzles are pretty creative in the game.

It feels much better to play with your friends together. The game allows up to 8 participants. Some tasks in the game are easier to perform with at least one friend.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

The game is interesting to play for some time, but there are a lot of repetitive moments. You will not be bored until you explore everything on the map. After that, we suggest you to invite your friends to play together.



    Very creative animation; Nice sound effects; Opportunity to control your character in the world with broken physics;


    Can be repetitive; Long fallings;


Fresh and unique animation in the game, broken physics, believable sound effects, and epic music make the game fun to play. Human Fall Flats is a nice way to spend your free time. Enjoy the absurd situations your character gets in and share the experience with friends.

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