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  • Rating: 5
  • Author: NCSOFT Corporation
  • Version: 1.0.94
  • Category: Action


Lineage W is an MMORPG by NCSoft, set in the same universe as the original Lineage, 150 years after its events. But still, adventures are calling. So choose who you want to be: a knight, an elf, a magician, or a monarch! Download Lineage W for iOS, Android, or PC. Old-time fans and newcomers alike will be fascinated!


The game looks stunning. And no wonder: on mobile devices, it takes over 3 GB, and both its Windows application and the upcoming PlayStation version will probably be much bigger. The designers feature various perspectives – from quarter view to massive battles through the eye of a bird. Cutscenes are a special sort of pleasure, spectacular like a fantasy movie.

The violence in the game, though, is just as graphic as weapons, armors, and castles. The blood is red, and severed heads do roll. It’s a brutal world, and violence is realistic here, despite some fairytale elements. 


On touch devices, you just move your character with a virtual D-pad in the bottom left corner and use spells and attacks with buttons on the right. The PC version is optimized for the K&M setup. Alas, the mobile version of Lineage W does not fully support gamepads. So if you have this option, you better play Lineage W on a tablet: controls are much more comfortable there.


Choose your hero. Go through an intro that demonstrates what your class is capable of. Enter the ancient Adena, with knights and kings, fulfill missions, and finally find a team that’s worth your Blood Oath. Explore the map and learn where you better hunt at your current level.

Hunt monsters and human enemies to level up. Your upgrades (as usually in Lineage) heavily depend on the loot you get from NPC. It may take you long to collect a necessary sum, so sometimes you’d prefer fast advancing over free download.

The developers boosted the online experience by implementing the AI-based translator. This enables players from different countries to communicate and understand each other. Great for an MMORPG! Writing and voicing are brilliant as well, reminding the best fantasy movies and shows.

Lasting Appeal

Lineage games are built to last. This one has numerous classes and perks to explore, with skill branches to develop, worlds to explore, and millions of rivals to meet and beat. Players live in its worlds for decades, and this one won’t be an exception. If you like it, you will want to try different characters of different classes, upgrading various skills.

According to the NCSoft CCO Taek Jin Kim, this installment is the final in the Lineage franchise. So the publisher will surely support it for many years and roll out updates, some of them game-changing. First, though, let them handle the servers and stop those unexpected outages.


The game was so wildly anticipated that 2 million people queued to preorder it after their announcement. A record for the MMORPG genre! In terms of visuals and gameplay, it lives up to the expectations. If you like castles and dragons, knights and magic, and stuff, you will like it, even in the long hours of grinding.

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