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  • Rating: 5
  • Author: MOB Games
  • Category: Action


The modern action-horror Poppy Playtime game is a terrifying experience at a mysterious toy factory. You’re going to feel like a former employee who went to an empty factory looking for his colleagues. A giant animatronic who at first sight seems innocuous will follow you and keep you on your toes. You will have to explore numerous factory premises, find items and solve puzzles. It won’t take long for the game to pass because there is only one chapter available for the game. Can you survive and complete all the trials? Poppy Playtime on PC is available for download in Steam for $4.99. 


The atmosphere of the empty factory fits well into the gameplay. The abundance of toys and the innocent style of the game conveys a genre of corrupted nostalgia, but the dimmed light and the plenty of strange events keep the player in tension. There are posters with Huggy Wuggy and other cute characters all over the place, which increases creepiness. The level of graphics is high and has an abundance of unique textures, so it looks like realism is mixed with toy style.


First-person controls details are explained during the game with interactive actions. The main way to interact with objects is to use Grabpack, which is similar to sticky hands. It also serves as an electrical conductor for the puzzles during the game. You can grab small objects and move them and pull them towards you.


Throughout the game, you will feel the mystery of events, but with the tapes scattered throughout the Playtime Co factory, you will be able to learn step by step about the story and the reasons for what is happening. You’re a former employee wandering around the factory looking for items and missing colleagues.

While you’re doing puzzles and exploring the premises, you’ll be hunted by a giant toy named Huggy Wuggy. This is a blue animatronic made up of fur, big eyes, and red lips. Huggy Wuggy is the mascot of the factory and your worst nightmare. In order to survive and not get caught in his clutches, the player will have to be smart and have fast reflexes.

Lasting Appeal

There are many mysteries and parts of the story that need to be searched and explored. So far, only one chapter of the game has been released, but in the future, we will see more of the story. It will take you about an hour of free time to complete the first chapter, but this short experience promises to be amazing.


    Very polished graphics and sounds; Very scary; Interesting puzzles; Exciting plot;


    Short playing time; There are bugs in the game;


Poppy Playtime in the horror-puzzle adventure genre is a popular novelty that will not leave the fans of horror games unsatisfied. MOB Games Studio created a truly atmospheric and mysterious game with many secrets. To install Poppy Playtime and enjoy the gameplay, you need to purchase the game for 4.99$. This is one of the best games in its genre in 2021, so do not miss the opportunity to try it.

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