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  • Rating: 5
  • Author: Sonic Team
  • Category: Action


I’ve been a fan of video games for as long as I can remember. I can still remember spending countless hours playing Super Mario Bros. on my NES as a kid. I was always fascinated by the world of video games and the gaming industry. In recent years, I’ve started to pay more attention to the indie gaming scene. I’ve discovered some amazing games that I never would have otherwise known about. One of these games is Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers is a 2D platformer that was released in 2016. The game was developed by a small team of only four people. Despite its small development team, the game is absolutely stunning. The game’s art style is colorful and vibrant. The game’s world is also incredibly detailed. Sonic Frontiers takes place in a world that is inspired by the real world but with a few twists.

The story of Sonic Frontiers is pretty simple. The player controls Sonic, who is on a quest to stop the evil Dr. Robotnik from taking over the world. The story is pretty straightforward, but it’s told in a way that is both engaging and fun.

The gameplay of Sonic Frontiers is fantastic. The game is a 2D platformer, but it also has some elements of Metroidvania. The game is non-linear, and the player can explore the world in any order they want. The game is also packed with secrets and collectibles. The controls are tight and responsive. The game is also challenging, but not so challenging that it’s frustrating.

Sonic Frontiers is an incredibly fun and fast-paced game that is perfect for anyone who loves Sonic the Hedgehog. The game takes place on a number of different planets, each with its own unique challenges and enemies. The goal is to simply reach the end of each level as fast as possible while collecting as many rings as possible. There are also a number of secret areas to find and explore, which can be incredibly rewarding.

The controls are very tight and responsive, and the game runs incredibly smoothly. The graphics are colorful and well-detailed, and the music is catchy and upbeat. Sonic Frontiers is an incredibly well-made game that is sure to please any Sonic fan.


Overall, I absolutely loved Sonic Frontiers. The game is an incredible achievement for such a small development team. The game is beautiful, challenging, and fun. I would highly recommend Sonic Frontiers to anyone who is looking for a great indie game.


  • Excellent graphics and sound;
  • Highly addictive and replayable;
  • Innovative gameplay mechanics;
  • Lots of unlockables and secrets to discover;
  • Great value for money.


  • Some technical issues on certain platforms;
  • Not everyone will appreciate the retro-style graphics;
  • Some may find the game too difficult.

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