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Jessie Thomas
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  • Rating: 4
  • Author: Deca Games
  • Category: Action


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Zombie Catchers is a game/app that is available for free at the App Store. It is a game that has you catching zombies. The premise is that you are a newbie zombie catcher who has just received their first assignment to remove some zombies from a house. There are several types of zombies to catch. Some are slow-moving, some are fast, some are hard to catch, some are easy to catch, some are babies, some are old, some are just people, etc. You have to catch them all.


In Zombie Catchers, you play as two alien businessmen who came to earth to help fight the zombie attack. You can catch them and then use them in the laboratory to unlock new content and abilities. In the laboratory, you can also upgrade you weapons and shields.

The main goal of the game is to catch as many zombies as you can, and you can do so by using all kinds of traps, with nets and harpoons included.


Graphics of the game are 2D, but they are quite detailed. The characters are cartoonish and funny. Even the zombies are cute and funny, just like the cartoon characters of Plants vs Zombies. They are also very detailed and colorful. They are drawn with simple lines, but they are very expressive and funny. The houses and the environment are drawn with very simple lines and they do not look very detailed. They are not as detailed as the characters.


This game offers you simple and lighthearted gameplay and funny characters. Also, there's a bit of a story in the game and good progression and competition options. All of those things are very good for replayability, so I'd say, the game has pretty high replayability. You can play it for a long time and not get bored.


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